"Now all those imbeciles who sneered at my work will have their comeuppance!" - Ichihara, Angel Cop

Dr. Ichihara is a supporting character in the 1989 anime OVA Angel Cop. He is a middle-aged Japanese scientist who runs the Cybergenic Research Institute and possesses intimate knowledge of cybernetic technology. He is portrayed by Koichi Kitamura in the Japanese version and by Peter Marinker in the English dub.


In the first episode of the OVA, Ichihara approaches the Special Security Force in search of volunteers to undergo cybergenic enhancement. Chief Taki warns Ichihara that he won't allow him to use his agents as guinea pigs, but Ichihara is confident that he will find a volunteer. In the second episode, Ichihara rescues Raiden, an SSF agent who suffered horrible injuries after pursuing a group of communist terrorists. When Raiden next appears, he is rebuilt as a super-powerful cyborg. Ichihara informs Taki that Raiden's injuries were life-threatening and that even if he recovered he would be crippled for life. Raiden assured Taki that he chose to undergo cybernetic enhancement in order to continue doing his job.


For the latter half of the OVA, Ichihara's life is in danger when he becomes a witness to the H-File: a plot by greedy politicians to gain money by allowing an American organisation to dump nuclear waste in Hokkaido. The cyborg Raiden and the surviving SSF agents - as well as the group of psychic 'Hunters' - try to protect Ichihara from an attack by corrupt special forces soldiers and the unstoppable psychic Lucifer. Ichihara takes great satisfaction at watching Raiden lay waste to the special forces unit, but is given cause for concern when Raiden fails to kill Lucifer. When Lucifer is severely wounded after fighting Angel and Raiden, she escapes into the Research Institute's generator room to siphon its energy to heal herself. While plugged into the machinery, Lucifer uses her psychic powers to watch Ichihara via the camera in his lab. She then causes his computer console to explode and kill him.

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