Ira Graves
Dr. Ira Graves (portrayed by W. Morgan Sheppard) is a cybernetic specialist and one of the greatest scientific minds in the Federation. He appears in the Star Trek: TNG episode, The Schizoid Man.

Graves claimed to have been a mentor to Doctor Noonien Soong, suggesting that made him "grandfather" to Soong's android creation, Data. Late in his life, Graves retired to Gravesworld where he began to suffer from Darnay's disease. He lived in virtual solitude, except for his assistant Kareen Brianon, who he had secretly fallen in love with, regretting the difference in their respective ages. In 2365, knowing he was close to death, Graves transferred his consciousness to Data, giving him control of Data's body, after which his own body died. Although Graves initially tried to hide this fact, it was quickly discovered. Graves' mind was removed from Data and transferred to the USS Enterprise-D's main computer allowing his vast knowledge to be stored permanently, although the Human element could not be salvaged.

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