Dr. Kusama is a minor character in the OVA Giant Robo: The Night The Earth Stood Still. He is the father of the series protagonist Daisaku Kusama and the man responsible for creating Giant Robo, the mightiest robot on Earth. Kusama died years before the events of the OVA, but his dreams and ideals live on in his son Daisaku. He appears in a flashback in the fifth episode "The Truth of Bashtarle".

Japanese Voice: Masaaki Yajima

English Voice: Ed Paul


Several years before the OVA begins, Dr. Kusama had been forced to use his scientific expertise to build robotic weapons for the super-terrorist organisation Big Fire. His labours resulted in Giant Robo, the most powerful robot on Earth. However, rather than allow such a deadly machine to fall into Big Fire's hands, Kusama designed a special control system for Robo that would only respond to one person: Kusama's five year-old son Daisaku.

When Big Fire discovered Kusama had betrayed them, they gunned him down. As the doctor lay dying, he demonstrated the control system concealed in Daisaku's watch: a tiny radio through which the boy could issue commands to Robo. Robo would only respond to Daisaku's voice, so no one else would be able to use it. Before he died, Dr. Kusama asked his son a question that would drive the boy for the rest of his life: "Can happiness be achieved without sacrifice?"