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Edward Boggs (portrayed by Leon Herbert) was a minor character in Alien 3. He was an inmate at the correctional facility on Fiorina 161, serving a life sentence for multiple accounts of kidnapping and rape.

In 2179, after the arrival of Ellen Ripley, Boggs was working with Rains and Golic, mapping a long-abandoned area of the facility. While surveying the dark corridors, Rains noticed that the candles they had lit behind them were being extinguished and went to go and relight them. Initially believing the cause was another inmate playing a prank, Rains soon stumbled upon the Dragon, which pounced, mauled and killed him.

Boggs and Golic panicked and tried to flee, but accidentally circled back on themselves and stumbled upon Rains' corpse. Suddenly, the Dragon attacked from above, lifting Boggs off his feet. Screaming in terror, Boggs begged Golic to help him, but the stunned Golic simply froze where he stood, allowing the Dragon to pierce Boggs' skull with its inner jaw and tear his head apart in the process. Boggs' blood drenched a stunned Golic, who managed to flee back to the inhabited part of the complex.