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Lester Buchinsky, also known as The Electrocutioner, was a villainous character in DC Comics. A rather minor member in Batman's rogues' gallery, Buchinsky was a mercenary who wielded the power of electricity. He wore a special suit that allowed him to build up and discharge lethal electrical blasts.

Batman: Bad Blood

In the DC animated movie Batman: Bad Blood, Electrocutioner (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) was one of several C-list supervillains hired by Talia al Ghul to aid her in her plan to capture and brainwash Batman and take over the world. Led by Heretic, he and his cohorts attempted to steal technology vital to Talia's scheme from a Wayne Enterprises vault. Their heist was interrupted by Nightwing (who had donned Batman's cowl at the time) and Robin. Electrocutioner attempted to kill Robin, but Heretic wanted the boy alive for his own plans. Electrocutioner ignored Heretic's order and so Heretic killed him by throwing a knife into the back of his head.