The eel-headed Elegen is a member of the Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five in the Japanese anime, Guyver. In his zoaform, he is literally an organic battery; he can generate up to 2 million volts of bio-electric power in his body and use his whip-like tentacles to deliver this lethal charge to his enemies. At maximum current, he can levitate.


Guyver OVA

In the OVA's sixth episode, Terminal Battle: The Fall of Chronos Japan, Elegen attacks the newly ressurrected Guyver I after it kills Derzerb. Elegen has his tentacles and one of his arms cut off by the Guyver's high-frequency swords and is then left for dead. When Guyver I later interrupts the fight between Guyver III and ZX-Tole, ZX-Tole notices Elegen's injured body and lunges for him, escaping with him. Knowing he doesn't have long, Elegen pleads ZX-Tole to absorb all of his bio-energy and use it to become powerful enough to destroy the Guyvers. ZX-Tole and Elegen are merged into their ultimate state, becoming Neo ZX-Tole, but even this isn't enough to kill the Guyvers.

Guyver 2005 series

In the seventeenth episode of the Guyver TV series, the Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five are investigating the woods surrounding Mount Minakami where the Guyver had battled the renegade Lost Number Aptom. The team are surprised to find that Aptom is alive, even after taking a blast from the Guyver's Mega-Smasher, capable of regenerating from even a small fragment of his DNA. In a semi-reconstructed form, Aptom requires new DNA to consume in order to complete his regeneration and he sneaks up on Elegen, invading his cells and taking over his body, mocking the other Hyper-Zoanoids and threatening to consume them too as he completely assimilates Elegen.

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