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Emil Antonowsky is a member of Clarence Boddicker's gang in the first Robocop film. He is portrayed by Paul McCrane.


Emil is the youngest member of Clarence's gang and usually drives their old beat-up van. He has no problems with commiting any crimes and revels in the violence and chaos that his group wreaks upon Old Detroit. He partakes in the murder of Alex Murphy along with his fellows, emptying his shotgun into the helpless cop. Much later, after Murphy has been rebuilt into Robocop, Emil encounters the cyborg one night and recognises his voice, terrified that the man he thought his group had killed still lives (after a fashion).



Robocop - Toxic Waste

Emil's horrific(ly funny) demise

During the final confrontation with Clarence's gang near the end of the film, Emil attempts to ram Robocop with his van. Robocop fires off a shot at the windscreen just before leaping out of the way and Emil loses control, crashing straight into a vat full of toxic waste. The acidic chemicals pour through the van and Emil is completely drenched. The chemicals burn into his flesh and slowly start to liquefy him. Emil shambles out of the back of the van like a zombie, groaning in agony as his body slowly melts. He lurches out into the open and approaches fellow gangster Leon Nash, begging him for help. Of course, Leon is terrified by Emil's mutation and fears to be touched by him, running away as Emil painstakingly gasps "Help meeee..." In the end, as Boddicker is making a getaway in his 6000 SUX, Emil staggers out in front of the car and it hits him, bursting his deformed body like a rotten tomato and scattering his liquefied remnants all over the service road.

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