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The Emperor of Anatoray is a supporting character in the anime series Last Exile. He rules the nation of Anatoray and is the father of Sophia Forrester, the vice-captain of the Silvana. His own name is never revealed, so it is unclear if his family name is Forrester or if Forrester is just an alias assumed by his daughter.

Japanese Voice: Koichi Kitamura

English Voice: Tony Pope


When Marius Bassianus fled the Guild by stealing a Guild battleship, he brought it to the Emperor. They used the stolen ship's Claudia Unit in the construction of the Silvana, a ship that would be free from Guild control. Due to the ship's singular value, the Emperor assigned his own daughter, Princess Sophia, to the ship's bridge crew, with instructions to spy on the captain Alex Row. However, Sophia fell in love with Alex, and never leaked any compromising information.


In the episode "Breakthrough", the Disith have fled their collapsing nation with the intent on seizing Anatoray as their new home. Marius urges the Emperor to open negotiations with the Disith, but the Emperor is unwilling to share his nations limited resources. As the Disith launch their attack on the capital, Marius demands that the Emperor give up the throne to his daughter Sophia. When the Emperor refuses, Marius charges him with a dagger. The Emperor draws his sword and the two former friends run each other through.