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Enrique Salceda was a minor character in the Terminator franchise. A mercenary and gun-runner from Mexico, he was also a friend of Sarah Connor's whom she had met some time after Skynet's initial attempt to assassinate her. While John Connor was growing up, Enrique had helped teach him how to operate and fix firearms as part of his training to prepare him for his destined role as leader of the Resistance in the future.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Enrique (portrayed by Castulo Guerra) meets the Connors again in 1994 after John and his Terminator guardian free Sarah from Pescadero Psychiatric Hospital. The Connors arrive at Enrique's camp and Enrique provides them with weapons and supplies that they will need to fend off the T-1000 pursuing them. The group are suddenly forced to part company again when Sarah leaves on her own in an attempt to alter the future by killing Miles Dyson, the man responsible for creating Skynet.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

TSCC enrique.jpg

Enrique appears in the Season 1 episode "Gnothi Seauton", this time portrayed by Tony Amendola. Sarah approaches Enrique in 2007 about forging identities for her, John, and Cameron. Enrique informs them that he has retired, and that his nephew, Carlos, has taken over that business.

While working with Carlos, Sarah overhears him speaking in Spanish about his uncle. Sarah suspects that Enrique is a traitor and breaks into his house and threatens him at gunpoint. Just as Sarah realizes that Enrique had possibly not betrayed her, Cameron shoots Enrique seconds later, coldly asserting that Sarah wouldn't have.

Enrique's house is later shown being investigated by the FBI, including Agent James Ellison, and a tape is played revealing that Enrique was attempting to sell information about Sarah to the authorities.