Dawn frank

Frank (portrayed by Matt Frewer) is a minor character from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. Not much is known about him except that he is the father of Nicole.

As the living dead overrun the world, a group of survivors in Wisconsin arrive at a shopping mall where protagonist Ana Clark and a few others have taken refuge. In spite of security guard C.J.'s protests, the group decide to let the new arrivals in, eliminating any zombies that attack them.

The new arrivals - Norma, Frank, Nicole, Tucker, Steve Marcus, Glen, Monica and one unnamed woman - are allowed inside, however the unnamed woman dies and comes back as a zombie. The woman is put down and Ana confirms that it is the zombies' bites that transmit the infection. Noting that Frank was wounded when he came in, Ana and the others check on him and realise that he was bitten on the hand. Michael determines that Frank is a liability and is prepared to shoot him, but Frank insists that he is fine. Ana objects to Michael's behaviour and Nicole is deeply distressed having lost the rest of her family before arriving at the mall.

The group decide to lock Frank in one of the mall shops with Kenneth watching over him. As the infection slowly kills him, Frank weakly utters that every second of life is worth holding on to. He then loses consciousness and a minute later he reanimates. Frank's reanimation and final death take place off-screen; his bestial screech is heard by the other survivors in the bar on the other side of the floor and a second later a loud gunshot resonates throughout the mall as Kenneth puts Frank down.