Freya is a little girl who possesses psychic powers and control over fire in the anime OVA Angel Cop. As a member of the Hunters, she aids them in their supposed mission of dispensing justice upon terrorists by killing them in a brutal fashion. Despite her horrifying powers and what she uses them for, she has a gentle, timid personality and cares deeply for her friend and ally Asura. She is voiced by Yoko Mizutani in the Japanese version.


When the lead Hunter Lucifer goes on a murderous rampage against the Special Security Force and kills dozens of civilians in the process, Asura and Freya join forces with Angel to stop her. They confront her on the highway and when Asura is unable to stop Lucifer with his psychic powers, Freya uses her pyrokinesis to attack Lucifer. This also has little effect against Lucifer who retaliates with a telekinetic bolt. After being wounded by Lucifer's attack, Freya is taken back to the Cybergenic Institute by Asura so she can recieve medical attention. Unfortunately, she dies in Asura's arms.

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