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Gary Christie (portrayed by Gary Dourdan) is a supporting character in Alien Resurrection. He served aboard the Betty as the right-hand man of Captain Frank Elgyn and was involved with the mercenary crew's dealings with the United Systems Military.


In 2381, the Betty docked with the USM Auriga to deliver seven recently-abducted individuals who were all sealed within cryogenic stasis capsules. Christie neither knew, nor cared why the Auriga wanted these people and was only interested in getting paid and moving on to his next job. He carried a pair of wristguns concealed within his sleeves, which the Auriga deck officer failed to detect with his scanning glove.

After Annalee Call attempted to disrupt the Xenomorph breeding program aboard the Auriga, the Betty crew were confronted by Dr. Wren and a team of USM soldiers. Christie displayed his impressive marksmanship skills when he singlehandedly picked off Wren's soldiers with the wristguns he had smuggled aboard. Following this incident, the Xenomorphs escaped from their cages and Christie and the rest of his crew opted to try and reach the Betty and leave.

As the Betty crew attempted to leave, they were joined by Ripley-8, Dr. Wren and Purvis, one of the kidnapped people they had brought to the Auriga. Although Christie didn't trust any of these individuals, he did not wish to leave anyone behind to be brutally slain by the Xenomorphs.


In order to reach the Auriga's docking bay, the survivors were forced to swim through a flooded galley within the bowels of the ship. Since Dom Vriess was paraplegic, he couldn't swim and his Personal Transport Vehicle wouldn't function underwater, so Christie had to carry Vriess on his back. As it turned out, the survivors' route was blocked off by a large clutch of Xenomorph eggs and a pair of alien drones soon attacked the group from behind, killing Sabra Hillard. Ripley was able to rip through the skin-like resin covering the group's path and the survivors ascended on a ladder.

During the ascent, Christie was caught by one of the pursuing Xenomorphs. The drone spat acid in his face, seriously wounding him and causing him to fall, leaving Vriess to cling to the ladder and support both of them. While Johner successfully killed the attacking creature, its corpse held on to Christie's foot. Badly wounded and realizing his dead weight was causing Vriess to lose his grip on the ladder, Christie cut the bonds tying them together and plunged into the water below, the dead Xenomorph still clinging to his leg dragging him under the surface, where he presumably drowned.