Gladys Foster (portrayed by Jeanette Miller) is a minor character from the film Legion. She stops in at the Paradise Falls roadside diner where most of the film takes place, and while she seems to be a kindly old woman, this is far from the case. Gladys has been possessed by an angel as the Apocalypse has begun, with God's messengers taking possession of weak-willed humans in order to wage a war of extermination against humanity.

Seeing that Charlie is pregnant, the possessed Gladys tells Charlie that her baby will burn in Hell. Sandra Anderson steps in and demands that Gladys apologise, but Gladys responds by brazenly insulting her. When Sandra's husband Howard steps in, Gladys attacks him and bites a chunk of flesh out of his neck. She then taunts the others in the diner that they are all going to die and starts crawling across the ceiling like an insect. Kyle Williams then shoots Gladys as she attacks Jeep.

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