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Grace (portrayed by Lin Shaye) is a supporting character in Snakes on a Plane. She is the senior flight attendant and purser aboard Flight Hulu 1-2-1. She is a kind, friendly woman who takes great pride in her work, even turning down early retirement in order to do one last tour.

When Hulu 1-2-1 departs from Honolulu, Hawaii, no one is aware that gangster Eddie Kim has planted a large number of venomous snakes aboard in order to eliminate Sean Jones, who witnessed him commit a murder. The snakes are driven crazy by a special pheromone sprayed upon the leis that the passengers are wearing. A short time into the flight, the snakes are released from their crate in the cargo hold and slither freely throughout the plane.

As the snakes overrun the fuselage, chaos ensues and several passengers are killed. Grace and the other flight attendants guide the surviving passengers towards the front of the plane before blocking off the coach with luggage. However, Grace hears a baby crying back in coach and climbs over the barricade to investigate. She finds a woman, Isabella, whose child is sat across the gangway staring at a venomous snake. Grace bravely goes to pick up the baby, but the snake bites her in the back.

Grace manages to save Isabella and her baby, taking them to join the other passengers. She continues working diligently while the venom courses through her, until she eventually falls ill and cannot keep going. She dies about an hour after being bitten, her fellow flight attendants mourning her loss.