This article contains details of all minor character deaths that occur in the second live-action film based on Bio-Boosted Armour Guyver.

  • In the film's pre-title scene, a cop is seen slumped dead over a console after being shot by a drug lord.
  • Inside the warehouse, one of the gangsters - Benny - is thrown off of a walkway by the Guyver and on to a car below.
  • The lead gangster shoots at the Guyver, but Sean raises his armoured hands to deflect the bullets and one ricochets into one of the other gang members.
  • Sean beats up the remaining gangsters, throwing one against a car, one up against a catwalk and breaks the arms and legs of another.
  • After watching the Guyver take out all his goons, the drug lord shoots the cop he was holding hostage.
  • The drug lord is cornered by Sean and starts pleading for his life. Sean is willing to let the man live, but the Guyver is not and forces Sean to slit the crook's throat with his arm blade.
  • Sean watches a TV expose regarding an archaeological dig in Utah (where most of the film takes place). The program describes a man who was mauled to death by what rangers believe to be a bear, but the victim's brother claims that it was a man who then transformed into a monster, leading Sean to believe it may be a Zoanoid.
  • Not long after arriving at the dig, Sean is shown an ancient fossilized skull that the archaeologists believe to be some unknown dinosaur breed. Sean recognises it as the skull of a Zoanoid, one that looks uncannily similar to Lisker from the first film.
  • Two men are out patrolling for the supposed werewolf spotted a few nights ago. Gus Volker, the dig's security chief, appears in Zoanoid form (which looks nothing like a wolf) and kills one of them by mauling him, cleaving half of his head off.
  • Sean bio-boosts and attacks a pair of Zoanoids attacking Cori Edwards and her father. He uses his elbow swords to slice off the head of an insectoid Zoanoid.
  • Crane and his goons kill two of the archaeological team by shooting them in the back.
  • A squad of government agents arrive to rescue the archaeology students and arrest Crane and the other Chronos personnel. However, one Zoanoid is still at large and manages to ambush and kill each of Atkins' men.
  • Sean kills a frog-like Zoanoid by throwing a stick of dynamite into its mouth and then shooting the dynamite with his head laser.
  • Corben - A Zoanoid similar to Lisker from the first film. The Guyver fights him inside the cave and manages to beat him to the floor before snapping his neck.
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