Hanza is a minor character from Ninja Scroll who dies early on in the film. He is portrayed by Katsuji Mori in the Japanese version and Kirk Thornton in the English dub.

Hanza is the captain of the Koga ninja team sent out by Hyobu Sakaki to investigate the source of the plague that has destroyed Shimoda Village. As the Koga make their way through the forest, they are ambushed by Yurimaru and Tessai of the Kimon clan. The entire team apart from Kagero are slaughtered and Hanza is caught by Tessai. Tessai uses his sheer brute strength to rip off Hanza's arms with his bare hands, then drinks the blood that pours from the severed limbs. Hanza, of course, dies from the trauma and blood loss.

Later in the film, Zakuro reanimates Hanza's body and loads it with gunpowder, turning it into a walking bomb to try and kill Kagero and Jubei. She fails to kill either of them.

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