Harlan Ogilvy


"Not my blood! NOT MY BLOOD!" - Ogilvy

Harlan Ogilvy (portrayed by Tim Robbins) is a survivor (but not for long) of the alien invasion in Steven Spielberg's War Of The Worlds. He is encountered by the film's protagonist Ray Ferrier taking shelter in the basement of an abandoned farmhouse out in the countryside. A survivalist, Ogilvy is convinced that the invaders have been planning their domination of Earth for a million years. Unsurprisingly, watching the world go to hell leaves him unhinged and while he seems friendly enough at first sight, his madness becomes all too apparent as the aliens investigate his shelter and he witnesses them consuming the blood of other humans. In his mania, he tries to dig a tunnel in the basement as a sort of hideout to eventually strike back against the aliens. But of course, he doesn't make a lot of progress and continues to rant and cry out while he digs. Fearing for his daughter Rachel, Ray wrestles the madman's pickaxe from him and silences him off-screen.

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