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The Harley Mom is a minor character from the horror-comedy film Feast. The character's true name is unknown, but her profile refers to her as "Harley Mom" due to her attractive appearance and biker attire. She is portrayed by Diane Goldner.






The Harley Mom is one of several patrons relaxing in the Bear Tavern, a bar on a desert road leading into an unidentified town. A member of a biker gang, she was apparently planning on robbing the bar. She never got the chance to enact her plan as the tavern came under attack by a group of hideous monsters determined to eat everyone inside. One of the smaller creatures managed to break in and Harley Mom attempted to shoot it, but the monster ran between her legs and used its claws to slice off her lower right leg, causing her to fall down. Harley Mom tried to make a tourniquet using her bandanna, but lost consciousness a while later. She was assumed dead by the other surviving patrons and dumped in the basement along with the bodies of the other slain patrons.

Almost an hour into the film, the survivors decided to make a bomb to distract the monsters so they could reach Bossman's truck and escape. While Hot Wheels got to work on making a bomb out of cheap booze and Honey Pie's hairspray, the Bozo and Boss Man decided to grab one of the bodies from the basement, taking Harley Mom's. As they carried her upstairs, however, Harley Mom regained consciousness and was horrified to find herself bound to an explosive device. She pleaded with Boss Man and Bozo to help her, but they ignored her and stuck to the plan. Two baby monsters broke through a window and grabbed Harley Mom, pulling her outside. One of the creatures proceeded to have oral sex with her while Bozo struggled with the electrical cord that was attached to the bomb. Bozo plugged the end of the cord into an extension lead and the electrical charge triggered the bomb, blowing up Harley Mom and the monster raping her.