Hisashi Igou is a character from the anime series Highschool of the Dead. Before his death, he was Rei Miyamoto's boyfriend and friends with Takashi Komuro. He is also the first person in the series to refer to the undead as "Them". Although he only appeared in the first episode, he is brought up almost constantly throughout the series, usually by either Takashi or Rei. He was played by Mamoru Miyano in the original Japanese and by David Matranga in the English dub. Hisashi fills the role of the protagonist's best friend who gets bitten, something that has become commonplace in zombie movies and television.


Hisashi has gray hair and brown eyes. He is a second-year student at Fujimi High School. As stated above, he's Rei's boyfriend and friends with Takashi, and he is classmates with both of them. He has a black belt in karate, so he chooses to fight Them with no weapons, an action which ultimately cost him his life. He is the first one at Fujimi and in the series to refer to the undead as Them, since he realized that They could no longer be considered human.


Hisashi predeath

Hisashi before he turns into one of Them

Upon hearing Takashi's report on what happened outside the school with the , he told Takashi and Rei to grab some weapons (a baseball bat and broomstick respectively) to fight "them". He chose to fight against "them" without weapons since he has a black belt in Karate. On their way out of class he was bitten by an infected teacher and subsequently turned into one of "them" afterwards. Aware of his fate, he asked Takashi to kill him before he became one of Them by throwing him off the rooftop of the school building, but died before Takashi could do so, and rose back up as one of Them. Takashi then gathers himself together and takes down Hisashi permanently before he can bite Rei.
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