This article contains details regarding all minor/background character deaths that occur in Iron Man.
  • At the beginning of the film, a US Army convoy escorting Tony Stark is attacked by terrorists. Everyone in the convoy is killed, except of course, for Stark.
  • As Stark and Yinsen assemble the Iron Man Mk. I, a Ten Rings member knocks on the door of Stark's cell. When he tries to force the door open, he sets off a bomb that Stark had rigged to the door and is killed.
  • After donning the Iron Man suit, Stark fights his way out of the Ten Rings' cave hideout, battering down terrorists as he goes. It is unknown how many are actually killed or simply knocked out.
  • When Stark's arm gets caught in the cave wall, one of the terrorists tries to shoot him in the head at point blank range. The bullet simply ricochets off of Stark's helmet and strikes the terrorist, killing him instantly.
  • As Tony emerges from the cave, dozens of terrorists open fire on him. Tony's armour protects him and he retaliates with a pair of flamethrowers, torching the entire camp and no doubt killing several of the terrorists.
  • With the Iron Man Mk. III equipped, Tony arrives in the small Afghan village of Gulmira which is being terrorized by the Ten Rings. As soon as he lands in the battlefield, he takes out a terrorist by punching him into a wall and blasts three more with his repulsors. It is not definite that the terrorists were killed or just incapacitated.
  • Several terrorists try to take women and children hostage, but Iron Man's armour targets each of the thugs with miniature homing projectiles and takes them out without harming the civilians.
  • Iron Man fires a rocket at a terrorist tank which explodes as he walks away.
  • Obadiah Stane visits Raza in Afghanistan and takes the remnants of the Mark I. He paralyses Raza and has his men gun down the other terrorists off-screen.
  • After donning his Iron Monger suit, Stane chases Pepper out of his lab and kills a SHIELD agent by punching him across the room.
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