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Ironhide is the weapons specialist of the Autobots in the G1 Transformers cartoon. He is voiced by Peter Cullen (who also voices Optimus Prime in G1, the live-action films and the Transformers: Prime series) and speaks in a surly, redneck accent. He transforms into a motor van.

Ironhide is one of the oldest troops in the Autobot army and serves as Optimus Prime's security chief and weapons specialist. He can be gruff and ornery a lot of the time; he has seen just about every horrible situation one expects from war, several times over. But beneath his rough exterior is a kind, compassionate soul who refuses to let conflict destroy his optimistic attitude.


In the animated Transformers film based on the cartoon, Ironhide is ordered by Optimus Prime to take a shuttle to Earth to obtain new supplies of energon for the war effort against the Decepticons. Unfortunately, his shuttle is attacked by Megatron's forces and the entire crew is gunned down. Ironhide barely survived the hail of lasers and grasped at Megatron's leg as he lay dying. Megatron finished him off by blasting his head off with his fusion cannon.

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