J.D. Salinas (portrayed by Pasquale Aleardi) was a supporting protagonist in the first Resident Evil movie. He is a member of the Umbrella Special Forces unit under One's command, which has been sent by Umbrella into the hive to shut down the Red Queen. He seems to have a close friendship with fellow commando Rain Ocampo, though it is strongly implied that the two are more than just friends.

During the Red Queen's shutdown, J.D. and Rain are guarding Matt Addison in the Hive's Dining Hall B (which is actually a bio-weapon storage chamber) when the power goes down. Shortly after the power goes out, the zombified Hive staff begin lumbering down into the hall and a firefight ensues. J.D. manages to input a code into a locked door that he hopes will lead the team out, but another horde of zombies is waiting on the other side of the door. When J.D. is caught, Rain tries desperately to save him, but he is overwhelmed by the undead which forces the rest of his team to flee.

Despite the sheer number of undead that take him, J.D. is not completely torn apart. His body is reanimated by the T-virus, and in his zombie state he re-encounters his friends down in the Hive's utility tunnels. Shocked by his reappearance, Rain hesitates to shoot him and he bites her. He gets beaten back and then Rain shoots him as he lunges at her again. This time he is killed permanently.

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