JP Hanson
J.P. Hanson was a Starfleet admiral and a close friend of Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He is portrayed by George Murdock and appears in the two-part episode, "The Best of Both Worlds".


In 2366, Admiral Hanson served as the head of Starfleet Tactical and had charged Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Shelby with the task of preparing Starfleet for the threat of the Borg. When the Borg invaded the Federation at the end of that year, Hanson assigned Shelby to the USS Enterprise-D under Captain Picard's command. Hanson then began rallying Starfleet vessels to help defend Earth following Picard's abduction and assimilation by the Borg. He had assembled forty starships in the Wolf 359 system to stop the Borg's advance, but the Borg had access to Picard's tactical knowledge and were able to adapt to all of the fleet's weapons and strategies. Hanson himself was also killed when the Borg destroyed his ship.

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