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Jacqui is a woman who survived the zombie outbreak in Atlanta and joined up with Shane Walsh's group of survivors in The Walking Dead. She is played by Jeryl Prescott Sales.


Before the apocalypse, Jacqui was working in Atlanta's Zoning Department. When the outbreak occurred, she was the only member of her family to escape the city alive. She eventually met up with a group of survivors, pitching in by assisting with cleaning duties, joining scavenging parties and generally helping to maintain morale among the group. However, after a zombie attack on the camp resulted in the deaths of several of her friends, she began to lose what little hope she had left.


In the first season episode "TS-19", Dr. Edwin Jenner locked down the CDC complex with the survivors still inside, telling them that the complex would soon self-destruct, destroying the building and incinerating everyone within, which would have been a swifter, kinder fate than being eaten alive by the undead. Rick Grimes was able to convince Jenner to open the gates and release them, but Jacqui chose to stay behind, unable to face the harsh world outside any longer. When the CDC's decontamination clock ran down, she and Jenner were vaporized as the air inside the complex was ignited.

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