1000px-Kusakabe commits suicide
Josui Kusakabe is a Lieutenant Commander in the Japan Liberation Front in the first season of Code Geass. He is voiced by Masuo Amada (Japanese) and Doug Stone (English).

In the eighth episode The Black Knights, Kusakabe leads a unit of JLF soldiers to hijack the Kawaguchi Convention Center Hotel, taking all Britannians hostage and calling for the release of all Japanese political prisoners. His operation is interrupted by the arrival of the Black Knights led by Zero, who attempts to negotiate for the release of the hostages. However, during the negotiation, Euphemia li Britannia who is one of the hostages reveals her identity to Kusakabe's men. They take her to Kusakabe while he and Zero are talking, and so Kusakabe decides he can just use her as a bargaining chip and doesn't need to negotiate with Zero. He draws his sword to attack Zero, but Zero uses his Geass and commands Kusakabe and his guards to kill themselves. In the traditional manner of Japanese warriors (hara-kiri), Kusakabe runs his sword through his stomach.

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