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Kaarvok is a villainous character from the third season of Farscape, appearing in the episode "Eat Me". A former prisoner of the Peacekeepers on the Leviathan Rovhu, a being of unknown species with visible cybernetic implants on his head, and imprisoned for unspecified crimes, Kaarvok was quite insane. He was portrayed by Shane Briant.


The only prisoner on Rovhu, Kaarvok somehow managed to stage a break-out while Rovhu was in transit, subsequently using a device in his possession - whether he created it himself or acquired it was never made clear - to 'twin' the Peacekeepers. He was also able to establish some degree of control over the security systems the Peacekeepers had installed on Rovhu, possibly through cybernetic means. His original motives for doing this are unclear, but as time went on it became essential to his survival as Rovhu's food stores ran out. Although Kaarvok claimed that the process simply 'twinned' the people it was exposed to, thus leaving both equally valid versions of the original individual, repeated twinning had a negative effect on the subject's mind, resulting in the Peacekeepers reverting to cannibalistic primitives - referred to by Kaarvok as the Xarai - who ate everything from parts of Rovhu to each other. His insanity was only ended when John CrichtonD'Argo, Chiana, and Jool were forced to land on Rovhu when their transport pod malfunctioned, Kaarvok 'twinning' D'Argo, Chiana and Crichton, killing one of the D'Argos and eating one of the Chianas before he was killed in a confrontation with Crichton. Even after his death, however, the twinned John Crichton remained, causing a complex change in Moya's crew that would have a significant impact on them all- particularly Crichton and Aeryn- for the rest of the series.


Kaarvok attacked Crichton in the Pilot's den on Rovhu, but Crichton got the upper hand and jammed Kaarvok's arm into the Pilot's console. As Kaarvok struggled to get free, his gauntlet discharged and caused a tremendous power surge. The console exploded and Koorvak died in the process.