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Kalara was a supporting antagonist in the film Star Trek Beyond. Originally a Human Starfleet officer, she was mutated into an alien being via a method of energy transference. The technology that changed her kept her alive long past her natural lifespan. She worked with Krall to help achieve is goal of destroying the Federation. She was portrayed by Lydia Wilson while her alien dialogue was provided by Sara Maria Forsberg.


Kalara was once known as Jessica Wolff, a Human Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Franklin. In 2164, three years after the Federation was founded, the Franklin was displaced by a wormhole while inside the Gagarin Radiation Belt. The ship crashed on the distant planet Altamid, with Captain Balthazar Edison, Anderson Le, and herself as the only survivors.

On Altamid, Edison, Le, and Wolff found technology left behind by a previous civilization, including Swarm ships, a drone workforce, and an energy transference process that allowed her to "drain" other individuals to prolong her own life. Using their newly-acquired Swarm, Edison, Le, and Wolff captured scores of alien ships and drained their crews to survive, which also mutated their biology to resemble that of their victims. In time, Wolff became "Kalara", suppressing much of her Human identity and ceasing to speak in English.

In 2263, Kalara was sent, in an escape pod, to the Federation Starbase Yorktown to pose as an alien in distress, as Krall wanted her to lure the USS Enterprise to Altamid. As part of that ruse, she claimed she had been in a ship whose crew was now stranded on the planet.

Though the Enterprise was subsequently attacked and destroyed by Krall's forces at Altamid, Kalara survived the ship's destruction aboard an escape pod. She then joined Captain James T. Kirk and Ensign Pavel Chekov on the surface of Altamid. Boarding the wreckage of the Enterprise's saucer section, Kalara hoped Kirk and Chekov would lead her to an artifact and weapon called the Abronath, but she was tricked by Kirk into sending a communications signal to Krall, thereby exposing his location on the planet.


Reinforced by several Swarm soldiers, Kalara engaged Kirk and Chekov in a firefight, but was waylaid by the Starfleet officers when they engaged the crippled Enterprise's thrusters and escaped back to the surface of Altamid. Managing to escape the ship herself, Kalara gave pursuit but was killed when the Enterprise saucer section, propelled by the firing thrusters, flipped and crushed her.