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Kanae is the younger sister of Kouta, the secondary main character of Elfen Lied. She is only ever seen in flashbacks of Kouta's childhood as she died eight years before the events of the series began. She was roughly 7-9 years old at the time of her death.

Japanese voice: Maria Yamamoto

English voice: Monica Rial



Elfen Lied - Kanae's Death English Dubbed

During the festival that Kouta and his family were attending, the heartbroken Lucy - having seen Kouta with his female cousin Yuka - gave in to her Diclonius instincts and began killing numerous festival patrons. Kanae had briefly been seperated from her family and saw the bloody spectacle, running to her father and brother and telling them that a horned girl had started chopping people up (it is not explained how she knew Lucy was responsible, though it is speculated that she could either see Lucy's vectors or deduced that she was the killer since only people directly in her vicinity were being killed).

With all the commotion happening, Kouta and family left the festival and boarded the train home to Hokkaido. However, Lucy had also boarded the train and was ready to exact her revenge on Kouta. At the sight of her, Kanae yelled at Kouta to run away, pointing out that this was the girl who was killing people at the festival. Kouta, having befriended Lucy, was insulted by Kanae's accusations and slapped her. He demanded that Kanae apologise to the girl, stating that he would hate her forever if she didn't. Kanae began to cry and begged Kouta not to hate her, and it was at that moment that Lucy murdered Kanae by cutting her in half at the waist. Drenched in his sister's blood and seeing the tears on her lifeless face, Kouta screamed. His sister was dead, and his father would die just seconds later. This horrific event would cause tremendous psychological damage to Kouta, causing him to forget these events in order to preserve his sanity. He would not remember the truth until eight years later when a strange horned girl found her way into his life.