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Kano is a villainous character from the Mortal Kombat video game series. He also appears as a supporting character in the animated film Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge. He is the leader of a mercenary/terrorist group known as the Black Dragon. He and his clan are hired by the sorcerer Shang Tsung to interfere with the Mortal Kombat tournament by killing the Earthrealm warriors chosen by Raiden. He is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.


During the Mortal Kombat tournament, Kano and his band of Black Dragon mercenaries attempt to kill Johnny Cage, Liu Kang and Sonya Blade whilst they are hiding in the forest on Shang Tsung's island. The Earthrealm fighters do not make things easy for them, violently dispatching several of the attacking thugs. The trio are also aided by the revenant ninja Scorpion, who is on the island for his own reasons. After seeing how effective a killer Scorpion is, Kano makes a hasty retreat to the dungeons beneath Shang Tsung's palace where Sonya's CO Jax Briggs is being held.


While Liu Kang goes on to finish the tournament, Sonya and Johnny pursue Kano into Shang Tsung's dungeon. There, Kano releases a horde of monsters to kill the two while he stands and watches with the wounded Jax as his prisoner. Sonya and Johnny manage to fight their way through the monsters with relative ease, much to Kano's surprise. He then battles Sonya himself, attacking with his bionic eye laser. Sonya swings from a chain dangling from the ceiling, avoiding Kano's laser and grabbing a spiked hammer from a weapons rack. She then swings back towards Kano and strikes him in the head with the hammer, damaging his laser. With Kano down, Sonya frees Jax. Before the two Special Forces agents make their departure, Jax brings his boot down on Kano's head, seemingly killing him. However, Kano's defeat isn't shown to be as gory as the other deaths in the film, so he may have survived Jax's stomp. Although, he would likely have died shortly after when Shang Tsung's island tore itself apart.