Kaybok (portrayed by Christopher Darga) is a minor character who appears in Deep Space Nine's fourth season premier, "The Way Of The Warrior". He commands the Klingon Bird-of-Prey M'Char and is ordered by the Klingon High Council to search all ships leaving Bajoran space for changelings, despite the blatant violation of Bajoran law. When the freighter Xhosa is stopped by the M'Char, Captain Sisko takes the Defiant to assist the Xhosa. When Kaybok ignores Sisko's demand to release the Xhosa, the Defiant fires a warning shot at the M'Char. Rather than risk the alliance between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, Kaybok releases the Xhosa and backs off.

Some time after this incident, General Martok arrives in Captain Sisko's office and gives him a dk'tahg dagger, which Dax identifies as Kaybok's. This is Martok's way of informing Sisko that Kaybok is dead, presumably executed for refusing to fire on the Defiant.

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