Keevan (portrayed by Christopher Shea) was a Vorta supervisor in service to the Dominion in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He first appeared in the episode "Rocks and Shoals" and commanded Remata'Klan's unit of Jem'Hadar troops. His ship crash-landed on a planet located within a dark-matter nebula, leading to him being severely injured, all but ten of the Jem'Hadar being killed and the majority of the Jem'Hadar's supply of ketracel-white being destroyed. The communications system from Keevan's ship was badly damaged and the Jem'Hadar had no means to repair it. However, in a strange twist of fate, another Jem'Hadar ship crashed on the planet, this one having been manned by Starfleet officers.

Dying and his soldiers almost out of white, Keevan made a deal with Captain Sisko and his team: their doctor saves his life and kill his men, and in exchange he gives them his comm system and surrenders himself to the Federation. Reluctantly, Sisko agreed to Keevan's terms and the following day the Jem'Hadar were all eliminated. Keevan then kept his word and surrendered.


In the episode "The Magnificent Ferengi", Quark's mother Ishka had been captured by the Dominion and Quark requested that Captain Sisko make arrangements to have Keevan released from prison so that he could be exchanged for Ishka. Quark and his team of Ferengi privateers took Keevan to the abandoned Cardassian station of Empok Nor where the prisoner exchange was to take place, but shortly before the exchange, an argument erupted between Quark and his cousin Gaila. Gaila tried to shoot Quark, but Quark leapt out of the way and the phaser beam struck Keevan instead. With his last breath, Keevan uttered "I hate Ferengi..."

Desperate, Nog engineered a series of neural stimulators to control and mimic Keevan's body's motor functions. This allowed Quark to make it appear as if Keevan were still alive long enough to secure Ishka's release. When the Ferengi left Empok Nor, Keevan's body was left aboard, continually walking into a bulkhead due to a jammed transceiver.

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