Konmel is a Klingon warrior who appeared in the Star Trek: TNG episode Heart of Glory. He was portrayed by Charles H. Hyman.

Disillusioned by the peace within the Klingon Empire, Konmel accompanied Korris on his quest to find a new planet where they could live as warriors. The freighter that the renegades hijacked was pursued by a Klingon cruiser, but the renegades used their cunning and ingenuity to take advantage of the minimal weapons the freighter carried and managed to destroy their pursuers. Konmel and Korris were later rescued by the USS Enterprise-D, where they encountered Worf and tried to persuade him to join them in their quest. Their criminal status would later be discovered by the Enterprise crew and they would be confined to the brig.

Korris and Konmel initiated an escape plan by using various weapon components concealed on their uniforms to assemble a phaser. Korris then used a dampening device to deactivate the forcefield that confined them and they tried to escape. Whilst struggling with the guards, Konmel was shot with a phaser and killed.

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