Kuwata is an agent of the Special Security Force in the 6-part anime OVA, Angel Cop. He is voiced by Mikio Terashima in the Japanese version.

Kuwata is one of the SSF's top investigators. His lean appearance and square glasses can mislead others into thinking he is weak, but he is a crack marksman as well as a computer expert. He approaches every situation with a cool, disciplined attitude.


In the fourth episode of Angel Cop, Kuwata arranges a meeting between the SSF and the psychic vigilantes known as the Hunters. Since both groups are dedicated to serving justice and battling against terrorism, Kuwata was hopeful that the two parties could forge an alliance and fight back against Maisaka's corruption. However, the lead Hunter Lucifer had been conditioned by Maisaka into believing that the SSF was corrupt and was charged with eliminating them. Asura and Freya begged Lucifer to spare Kuwata, but she ignored their pleas and raped Kuwata's mind, absorbing his memories. After extracting the information she wanted, Lucifer killed Kuwata by telekinetically causing his body to explode, leaving only his head intact which she simply tossed aside.

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