Kyril Finn
Kyril Finn (portrayed by Richard Cox) was the leader of the Ansata terrorist movement on Rutia IV in the Star Trek: TNG episode, The High Ground. Deeply commited to his cause of political autonomy for his continent, he even went so far as to utilize a dangerous dimensional-shift technology for his followers to carry out their attacks against the Rutian government. Aside from his skill as a terrorist and strategist, he wass also a talented artist.

In 2366, the USS Enterprise-D arrived at Rutia IV on a mission of mercy, delivering medical supplies to the government. While Dr. Crusher was on the planet, she was abducted by the Ansata and brought before Finn, who asked for her help in healing his followers who had been afflicted by their dimensional shift device. Finn's troops later used the dimensional shifter to invade the Enterprise and managed to abduct Captain Picard (though their original intent was to bomb the ship). Using Picard and Crusher as leverage, Finn intended to force the Federation to blockade Rutia IV and cease all trade with the government.

Finn's base of operations was later attacked in a joint effort between the Rutian police and the Enterprise crew. With his plan falling apart, Finn attempted to execute Captain Picard, but was shot in the back by Alexana Devos of the Rutian police force.

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