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Lloyd Jefferson Wayne - commonly referred to as L.J. - is a character who appears in Resident Evil: Apocalypse and its sequel Extinction. He is portrayed by Mike Epps.

Character History


L.J. appears in Apocalypse as a small-time criminal who finds himself inexorably entangled in the disaster that befalls Raccoon City. He is first seen handcuffed to a bench in the Raccoon Police Department, along with a hooker who's been infected by the T-virus. Jill Valentine saves L.J. by killing the zombie hooker and shooting off his handcuffs, letting him find his own way out of the dying city. When the city is sealed off and L.J. is trapped within, he wanders the streets trying to find whatever resources he can use to survive as well as valuable items that he can make a profit from if he escapes. He finds himself sheltering in a gun shop with the surviving members of S.T.A.R.S. for a brief while, until they are all slaughtered by the creature called Nemesis. L.J. then takes to the streets again only to run into Alice's group of survivors at the school where Angela Ashford is hiding.

During the final showdown at City Hall, L.J. keeps his head down for most of the fighting, taking cover inside Major Cain's chopper and knocking the major out when he boards the craft. After the survivors escape Raccoon City, L.J. teams up with Carlos Olivera and Jill Valentine as an anti-Umbrella radical, assisting the team in rescuing Alice from Umbrella's San Francisco facility.


Five years after the last film, L.J. is still accompanying Carlos and the two are now members of Claire Redfield's convoy as they travel across Nevada. In this post-apocalyptic world, L.J. seems to be pulling his own weight around a bit more, though that hasn't stopped him from hoarding cigarettes and marijuana to himself. He also seems to have developed a romantic interest in Nurse Betty, the convoy's medic.


During Resident Evil: Extinction, L.J. is bitten by a zombie when the convoy stops at the Desert Trail Motel. No one notices his injury and he keeps it hidden from everyone on the convoy, despite the fact that he knows he is infected and will eventually turn. Over a day later, during the battle in the ruins of Las Vegas, L.J. succumbs to his infection and turns into a zombie. He attacks K-Mart but is pulled out of the truck by Carlos, biting him in the process. Before he can get up off the ground, Carlos finishes L.J. off with a headshot.

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