Leslie Tiller (portrayed by Anne Reid) is a minor character in Hot Fuzz. She worked as a florist in the village of Sandford and was also a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance along with her cousin Simon Skinner (whom she affectionately called "Cousin Sissy" due to his study of ballet as a child). Leslie's gardening skills had put Sandford on the map, but she planned to leave the town after she discovered that her land was worth a lot of money.

During his investigation of the string of deaths in Sandford, Nicholas Angel visited Leslie's shop to buy a Japanese peace lily for his partner Danny Butterman, which is when Leslie informed him of her intention to sell her land and that the victims had all previously been interested in purchasing it. Immediately after Nicholas left the florist shop, a black-robed figure entered and stabbed Leslie in the neck with her own shears. Nicholas saw the murder and pursued the killer, but the killer escaped.

Later on, when Nicholas discovers that the NWA have been behind all the killings, it is revealed that Leslie's land had nothing to do with her murder. Leslie's gardening talents made her a prized member of the Sandford community and the NWA killed her so that she couldn't move away and share her talents with anyone else.

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