Liam Bilby
Liam Bilby (portrayed by Nick Tate) was a Human operative in the Orion Syndicate in the Star Trek: DS9 episode "Honour Among Thieves". He had a wife, Morica Bilby, two children, and a cat called Chester.

In 2374, Liam was living on Farius Prime, while his wife and children resided on New Sydney. Liam's superior in the Syndicate was Raimus and his subordinates were Krole and Flith.

Working for Starfleet Intelligence, Miles O'Brien, posing as a man called Connelly, infiltrated the Syndicate through Bilby. When the Syndicate started working for the Dominion, Raimus and his Vorta contact, Gelnon, instructed Bilby to obtain Klingon disruptors and to kill the anti-Federation Klingon ambassador to Farius. The Syndicate and the Dominion envisioned that it would appear Gowron ordered the ambassador killed to silence him and support within the Klingon Empire for its alliance with the Federation would wither. Gelnon also believed that the death of the ambassador could lead to the Klingons withdrawing from the war.

O'Brien eventually grew fond of Bilby and revealed he was working for Starfleet Intelligence and that the Klingons had been informed of his plan. Even so, knowing the Syndicate would kill his family if he did not carry out the mission, he did so while leaving a request for O'Brien to care for his cat, which was done. He himself was killed by the Klingons.

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