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Lisa Addison is a minor character who appears in the video-game based film, Resident Evil. She is portrayed by Heike Makatsch.


Lisa is the sister of Matt Addison, one of the main protagonists of the first Resident Evil film. She and her brother are members of an unnamed enviromentalist group trying to bring down the Umbrella Corporation, a worldwide pharmaceutical enterprise who have been secretly engaging in illegal genetic and viral research. Lisa applies for a job with Umbrella under a false identity and is put to work within the Hive: a giant underground laboratory complex. While inside, she tries to gather evidence to incriminate the company with the help of the film's main protagonist Alice Abernathy, who promises to help her acquire a sample of Umbrella's latest biological weapon: the T-virus. However, not everything goes as planned...


Lisa as a zombie

Corrupt Umbrella security operative Spence Parks attempts to steal the T-virus after listening in on a conversation between Lisa and Alice. After packaging several samples of the virus and its antigen, Spence covers his escape by throwing a vial of the virus against the edge of a steel table as he makes his way out of the lab. The T-virus is released into the Hive's air-con system, prompting the facility's AI - The Red Queen - to seal off the complex to prevent outside contamination. The virus circulates throughout the entire complex, infecting everyone and prompting the Red Queen into killing off the entire staff using the complex's defence systems. Lisa is among a group of employees sealed in their offices and exposed to halon gas which suffocates them to death. Having already been infected with the T-virus, Lisa is re-animated as a zombie. Her undead body is later encountered by her brother Matt. She tries to bite him but Alice kills her (again) by striking her in the back of the head with a large crystal paperweight.