Lisker is one of the main antagonists of the American live-action film version of The Guyver. An agent of the Chronos Corporation, he serves the will of the Zoalord Fulton Balcus and is tasked with recovering the Guyver unit stolen from Chronos' LA office. He is portrayed by Michael Berryman.


Lisker is named after Oswald A. Lisker, a character from the Guyver manga and anime. Whereas Oswald became the Guyver-II in the original Japanese continuity, this version of Lisker is a Zoanoid, one of the many mutated humans that serve Chronos. This Lisker also has a very different personality from the anime character, who was cunning and treacherous. The film version of Lisker is little more than a hired thug who, while somewhat street-smart, is rather lacking in brains compared to most of the film's other characters.


When the Guyver Unit is stolen from Chronos' LA office by Dr. Tetsu Segawa, Lisker leads a gang of Zoanoids and goes after the wayward scientist, tracking him down to a waste dump and killing him. Lisker recovers the case that contained the unit, but after taking it back to his boss Balcus, he finds there is a broken toaster inside. The enraged Balcus commands Lisker to go back out and find the missing unit at the dump, but the Guyver is found and activated by Sean Barker.

Believing that Dr. Segawa's daughter Mizky may know something, Lisker and his gang attempt to kidnap her. The kidnapping is interrupted by Sean and also the CIA agent Max Reed, who find themselves battling inhuman monsters rather than just common thugs. Sean turns into the Guyver and fights the Zoanoids, but he lacks combat skill and the Zoanoids overpower him. Lisker beats Sean to the ground and pulls out the Guyver's control medal, causing Sean to be eaten alive by the living armour.


When Sean is resurrected by the Guyver's control medal at Chronos' lab, Lisker and the other Zoanoids attack him. Sean isn't about to let Lisker kill him again, though, and after beating him into a corner, he gains some ironic payback by grabbing the blunt, horn-like protruson on Lisker's head and ripping it clear off his skull.

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