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Little Boy is a villainous character from the anime movie Spriggan. His real name is unknown, only his codename which was derived from the atomic bomb "Little Boy" that was dropped on Hiroshima. This psychotic cyborg killer is a member of the U.S. Machine Corps working under Colonel MacDougall.

Japanese Voice: Katsumi Suzuki

English Voice: Spike Spencer


When the Machine Corps attacks ARCAM's research site on Mount Ararat, Little Boy and his partner Major Fatman lead the charge. Little Boy is amazingly swift, speeding across terrain and cutting down ARCAM soldiers with titanium fibre-wires built into his arms. When the Spriggan Ominae Yu and Jean-Jacques Mondo intervene, Little Boy's rampage ends with his capture. He is briefly held prisoner until Colonel MacDougall arrives and frees him.

Little Boy tortures Yu for a while until Jean comes to his rescue. The deranged cyborg no longer has his wires but steals an MP5 SMG and takes one of ARCAM's armoured trucks, driving it through the base in order to run down Jean.


Jean manages to break into the armoured truck and distracts Little Boy. The truck's treads are damaged by stray SMG fire, causing the vehicle to crash. Petrol starts leaking into the back of the truck which is ignited by small fires caused during the struggle. Jean manages to get clear, but Little Boy is killed in the ensuing explosion.