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Loki (portrayed by Matt Damon) is one of the main characters of the Kevin Smith film Dogma. Formerly the Angel of Death, he was exiled from Heaven by God after getting drunk and brazenly resigning by giving the Almighty the finger. Banished to Earth along with his friend Bartleby, Loki was forbidden to ever return to Heaven, but at the end of the 20th century the two angels discovered a loophole in Catholic dogma that would allow them re-entry. What they weren't aware of was that by returning to Heaven, they would prove that God was fallible and thus destroy all of creation.


In the late 20th century, Loki and Bartleby discovered that a church in New Jersey was celebrating its centennial anniversary with a plenary indulgence, meaning that anyone who passed through the church's gates would be absolved of all their sins. This provided a loophole that the angels could exploit: if they entered the church and were absolved of their sins, their exile would be automatically overturned and they could return to Heaven.

To celebrate his imminent return to Paradise and to get back into God's good graces, Loki decided to take up his former mantle once again and kill as many sinners as he could on their way to New Jersey. After an accidental encounter with the Last Scion Bethany Sloane and the thirteenth apostle Rufus, Loki began to have doubts, believing that there may be consequences to his return to Heaven. Bartleby, however, had succumbed to rage and resentment against God and humanity and decided that they would return home regardless of the consequences.


After Loki and Bartleby arrived in New Jersey, they crashed the church centennial celebration and uncased their angelic wings. Loki cut off his own wings, thus becoming human. This caused him to develop a conscience and he was overcome with guilt, taking to drink whilst Bartleby went on a killing spree. When the Last Scion and her friends arrived, Loki turned against Bartleby. Having become mortal, however, he could be killed. Bartleby took a knife and stabbed Loki in the chest.

After God was restored to power by Bethany, She approached Bartleby and granted him and Loki permission to return to Heaven.