Lorth Needa was a minor character from Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. A captain in the Imperial Navy, he commanded the Star Destroyer Avenger, one of the ships that made up Darth Vader's personal fleet. He was portrayed by Michael Culver.

When the Millenium Falcon emerged from the Hoth asteroid field, the Avenger pursued. The Falcon then unexpectedly came about and flew straight at the Star Destroyer, flying right over its command deck. Unbeknownst to Captain Needa, the ship had magnetised itself to the rear of the Star Destroyer's command tower, evading the Imperial sensors. When Darth Vader demanded a report on the pursuit of the Falcon, Captain Needa took a shuttle to the Executor to apologise to Vader personally. Vader responded to the captain's apology by Force-choking him to death.

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