Lucifer is one of the main antagonists of Angel Cop. A product of an extensive military program to create psychic super-soldiers, she possesses an enormous level of telekinetic power. She can also absorb the memories, abilities and life force of others by "raping" their minds.

Japanese Voice: Kumiko Hironaka

English Voice: Sharon Holm


Lucifer leads a vigilante group known as the Hunters to fight and kill members of the Red May, a communist terrorist group trying to destabilise Japan's financial and political infrastructure. However, Lucifer herself has been conditioned by the corrupt Maisaka into believing she is fighting for a just cause when all she is really doing is eliminating any witnesses to Maisaka's plot to sell out Japan to American weapons developers. After the Red May have been wiped out, Lucifer targets the Special Security Force who have been investigating the H-File. Asura and Freya refuse to fight against the SSF and so Lucifer marks them both for death as well. One by one, Lucifer murders the members of the SSF and then goes after the cyberneticist Dr. Ichihara, who is also an H-File witness.


When Lucifer attacks the Cybergenic Research Institute, it takes the combined efforts of Angel, Asura and Raiden to defeat her. After being wounded multiple times by each of them, Lucifer is severely weakened and cannot heal fast enough to retaliate. Raiden, who is badly damaged himself, corners Lucifer in the Institute's basement and Lucifer tries to drain his power. Raiden orders Angel to shoot him through the back of the head with Ichihara's custom super-magnum, which will cause his cyborg body to explode. His armour is covered in an anti-psychic membrane that will kill ESPers, and so his body fragments will infect Lucifer as they rip into her, ensuring her death. Hesitantly, Angel carrys out the deed, killing both Raiden and Lucifer at once.

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