Luther West (portrayed by Boris Kodjoe) is a survivor of the global T-virus outbreak in Resident Evil: Afterlife. Formerly a professional basketball player, the other survivors sheltering in the Citadel Correctional Facility looked up to him as their resident superstar. He possesses strong leadership skills and uses a Taurus PT92 as his weapon of choice.


Resident Evil: Afterlife

Luther helps to guide Alice's plane down when she arrives in the ruins of Los Angeles and offers her and Claire Redfield a warm welcome to the Citadel prison. He does not trust Chris and keeps him locked up in a cell, believing he had been put in there for a reason.

When the undead breach the prison, Luther reluctantly allows Alice to set Chris free so that he might help them all escape. Later, the survivors escape the prison by crawling through a tunnel dug out by zombies. Luther is attacked by a zombie in the tunnel and is presumed killed, but he turns up alive and well at the end of the film when he staggers out of a storm drain.

Resident Evil: Retribution

Although he survived the previous film, Luther lost contact with Alice and the Redfield siblings when a fleet of Umbrella choppers attacked the Arcadia ship. He would later be contacted by former Umbrella chairman Albert Wesker, who recruited him to join a strike force to infiltrate Umbrella's prime research facility off the Russian coast for the purpose of rescuing Alice.

Luther managed to survive long enough to escape from Umbrella Prime with Alice, Ada and Leon in tow, but the survivors were pursued by Jill Valentine and and the clone Rain. Rain fought against Luther and Leon hand-to-hand after injecting herself with a Las Plagas parasite, enhancing her strength and instantly healing any wounds. During the fight, Rain struck Luther so hard in the chest that his heart stopped, killing him instantly.

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