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Mace Windu was a Korun-human Jedi Master and a recurring character in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Cautious and slow to trust, he often voiced his doubts about Anakin Skywalker and the legitimacy of the Jedi's prophecy of the "Chosen One". As for his combat prowess, he practiced his own unique form of martial arts and wielded a lightsaber with a purple blade. He was portrayed in the prequels by Samuel L. Jackson and voiced by Terrence Carson in The Clone Wars animated micro-series and CGI series.


After learning that Chancellor Palpatine is a Sith lord, Mace leads a team of Jedi masters to the Chancellor's office to arrest him. Palpatine brandishes a lightsaber and engages the Jedi in combat, killing three of them, but ends up being cornered by Windu. As Windu is about to deliver the killing blow, Anakin urges the Jedi Master to spare Palpatine so that he can stand trial. Windu deems the Chancellor as too dangerous to live, but Anakin - afraid that his wife Padme will die without the Chancellor's power - chooses the Sith lord over Mace and steps in to defend Palpatine, slicing off Windu's sword hand with his own blade. As the disarmed Windu screams in pain, Palpatine unleashes a powerful blast of Force lightning, painfully murdering the Jedi Master and casting him out of the window. By assisting Palpatine with slaying Master Windu, Anakin takes his final step toward the dark side of the Force.

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