"Who do you fucking think you are, some latter-day Lone Ranger, huh? Well now you're gonna be the DEAD FUCKING RANGER!" - Maisaka to Taki, Doomsday

Maisaka is the primary antagonist of Angel Cop. He is a corrupt politician and a capitalist of the highest order, willing to sell out his own country in the name of profit. He holds authority over much of Japan's police and military forces, including the Special Security Force. But when the SSF discover the H-File - a document pertaining to the legalised dumping of nuclear waste in Hokkaido - Maisaka calls for their destruction, pitting the Japanese Special Forces and the murderous ESPer Lucifer against them.

Japanese Voice: Osaku Sama


In the final episode of Angel Cop "Doomsday", Chief Taki confronts Maisaka directly and meets with him in his office. He shoots Maisaka, but the man he shoots is wearing a disguise. It is, in fact, Maisaka's right-hand man Tokawa, who survives the shot thanks to a bulletproof vest. He cripples Taki with a spray of Uzi fire and then he and Maisaka interrogate Taki by hooking him up to a drip that keeps him conscious and pumps him full of truth serum.

After Taki's interrogation, Maisaka and Tokawa make their getaway aboard a helicopter. Maisaka carries a microrecorder that Taki used to bug his office, and he tells Tokawa to dispose of it. The recorder suddenly explodes and destroys the chopper, taking Tokawa and Maisaka with it.

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