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Manas was a supporting antagonist in the film Star Trek Beyond. Originally a Human Starfleet officer, he was mutated into an alien being via a method of energy transference. The technology that changed him kept him alive long past his natural lifespan. He worked with Krall to help achieve is goal of destroying the Federation. He was portrayed by Joe Taslim.


Manas was formerly known as Anderson Le, a Human Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Franklin. In 2164, three years after the Federation was founded, the Franklin was displaced by a wormhole while inside the Gagarin Radiation Belt. The ship crashed on the distant planet Altamid, with Captain Balthazar Edison, Jessica Wolff, and himself as the only survivors.

On Altamid, Edison, Le, and Wolff found technology left behind by a previous civilization, including Swarm ships, a drone workforce, and an energy transference process that allowed him to "drain" other individuals to prolong his own life. Using their newly-acquired Swarm, Edison, Le, and Wolff captured scores of alien ships and drained their crews to survive, which also mutated their biology to resemble that of their victims. In time, Le became "Manas", suppressing much of his Human identity and ceasing to speak in English. At some point, Manas killed Jaylah's father as he helped his daughter to safety.

In the alternate reality, Manas joined Krall's forces in an attack on the USS Enterprise in 2263. Boarding the Enterprise, Manas was responsible for the deaths of numerous crew members, at one point pursuing Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott through the remains of the engineering section and forcing the Starfleet officer to escape inside an advanced long-range torpedo. Following the destruction of the Enterprise, Manas helped Krall round up the surviving Starfleet crew and hold them on the surface of Altamid.


When Captain James T. Kirk and Jaylah stormed Krall's camp to free the Enterprise crew, Manas engaged Jaylah in hand-to-hand combat until Scott transported Jaylah back to the wreck of the Franklin along with Kirk and the rest of the Enterprise crew, leaving Manas to fall to his death from the top of a high structure.