Manny (portrayed by Lenny Venito) is a mechanic and friend of Ray Ferrier's in Stephen Spielberg's War Of The Worlds. When an electromagnetic pulse disables all electrical systems in Ray's neighbourhood, Ray suggests to Manny that he replace the solenoids of the cars that have been disabled to get them working again. After running from the tripod that emerged from Lincoln Avenue and retrieving his children from home, Ray takes a car from Manny's that's been repaired. Manny, oblivious to what is going on, warns Ray to get out of the car. Ray tells Manny to get in or he's going to die. Manny does not heed Ray's words and so the Ferriers drive off to safety. As they drive away, Manny shouts back at them and Ray and Rachel look at the side mirror to see Manny get vaporized by a heat ray blast.

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