Marcus Edwards (portrayed by Stuart Weiss) is a character from Guyver: Dark Hero. He is an archaeologist and the father of Corey Edwards, the film's deuteragonist.


Marcus, his daughter and their team of university students are conducting an archaeological dig in Utah where they discover the fossilized remains of several abnormal creatures as well as peculiar cave drawings. Their find gains the attention of the sinister Cronos Corporation, whose work in genetic engineering is based on that of an enigmatic alien race supposedly responsible for creating all life on Earth. Certain that Marcus's findings are directly related to the Creators, Cronos agree to fund Marcus' continuing research in exchange for whatever alien relics are found. As part of the arrangement, however, Marcus undergoes Zoanoid optimization.

Zoanoid Marcus.jpg

The dig progresses significantly following the arrival of Sean Barker: the Guyver. When the dig team uncover an ancient Creator bio-ship buried within the mountain, Sean is able to open it, allowing the team inside. Within the vessel, Corey finds a damaged Guyver unit which is quickly confiscated by Cronos agent Arlen Crane.

Having recovered a Guyver, Cronos command Crane to deliver the unit to them and eliminate all non-Cronos personnel. Corey overhears Crane's conversation but is caught and captured, until she is rescued by a strange creature. The Cronos agents refer to the creature as Marcus, revealing that it is Corey's father. The two Cronos agents transform into Zoanoids and fight Marcus until the Guyver shows up. Sean kills the Zoanoids and almost kills Marcus too until Corey steps between them. Marcus then runs off.


Towards the end of the film, Crane takes Corey hostage in order to force Sean to surrender to him. Marcus reappears and becomes enraged to see Crane threatening his daughter, transforming once again and attacking. While the Guyver battles the rest of Crane's goons, Crane fights Marcus and overwhelms him. He then picks up a jagged metal bar and violently impales Marcus. This doesn't kill Marcus outright but he eventually bleeds to death during the final showdown between the Guyver and Crane.

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