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Maria Collins Carbonell Stark was the mother of Tony Stark across all Marvel-related media. Little is known about her character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, except that Tony had a warmer relationship with her than he had with his father Howard, who often let his work consume him and spent little time with him. Maria made her only physical appearance during flashback scenes in Captain America: Civil War, in which she was portrayed by Hope Davis.


In 1991, Howard and Maria planned to go away for Christmas and leave their son alone, although Howard remained highly skeptical about how responsible Tony would be while they were gone. Unfortunately for them, HYDRA had learned about Howard's success in recreating the Super-Soldier Serum that had made Captain America and planned on assassinating the Starks and stealing the formula.

The assassination had been recorded by a roadside camera, though Vasily Karpov salvaged the tape. In 2016, Helmut Zemo revealed the recording to Iron Man and Captain America, which showed that Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, had carried out the hit while under HYDRA's mind control. After murdering Howard, the brainwashed Winter Soldier killed Maria by choking her to death.

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